EVC Citizen Science Program

Why Citizen Science?

At EarthViews Conservation Society, our Citizen Science initiative empowers individuals to actively engage in conservation efforts. Participants, regardless of formal scientific training, contribute to the documentation and protection of our planet’s vital waterways. By observing, collecting, and reporting data on local aquatic ecosystems, every citizen scientist aids in enhancing our understanding and response to environmental changes. This grassroots involvement not only accelerates our mission to protect and preserve waterways but also fosters a stronger, globally-aware community dedicated to environmental stewardship.

Integrating Citizen Science into EVC’s Mission

EarthViews Conservation Society (EVC) has always believed in the power of collective action. Our mission, at its core, revolves around the preservation and protection of Earth’s essential waterways. By integrating Citizen Science, we’re amplifying our reach and effectiveness in several key ways:

  1. Localized Data Collection: With the help of citizens globally, we can gather real-time data from multiple waterways simultaneously. This provides a broader, more diverse set of data that can highlight both localized issues and global trends.
  2. Community Engagement: Through Citizen Science, local communities become active stakeholders in conservation. This nurtures a deeper sense of connection and responsibility towards local waterways and heightens community-driven conservation efforts.
  3. Democratizing Science: We make scientific research and conservation an inclusive endeavor. By equipping citizens with the tools and knowledge to contribute, we’re breaking down barriers and making science accessible to all.
  4. Accelerated Response: With more eyes on our planet’s waterways, we can detect and address threats faster. Rapid response can be crucial in mitigating issues before they escalate.
  5. Educational Outreach: Our Citizen Science initiatives are also educational platforms. Participants, especially students, acquire hands-on scientific experience and a deeper understanding of environmental challenges.
  6. Advocacy and Policy Influence: Data collected by our citizen scientists strengthens our advocacy efforts. It provides compelling, grassroots-driven evidence that can influence policy and decision-making at various levels.

Get Involved

  • Choose a Project or Task.
  • Gather Data/Information.
  • Submit Observations.
  • Share and Engage with the Community.

Featured C.S. Initiatives

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Featuring RodS_Mapper: Navigating the South Puget Sound’s elusive islands with his rowing shell, capturing vital nearshore conditions. As climate change challenges Puget Sound’s health, his explorations offer insights to safeguard its future. Become a #EVCScienceSentinal
Spotlight on LisaC_Mapper: Scanning recovery efforts on the shores of the Chicago River. With the reintroduction of native fish species and enhancement of riparian habitats, her RiverScans chart a polluted river’s journey to rejuvenation.
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