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The media plays a critical role in helping EarthViews Conservation Society fulfill our Vision “connecting people with waterways” by shining a light on the work we are doing to document these critical places. We value our relationships with the media and make every effort to propel these important stories to benefit our partners as well. Below are a few recent examples of important stories highlighting our advocacy and conservation efforts.

A kayaking scientist maps the impacts of climate change on Puget Sound waterways

A SEATTLE FISH SCIENTIST by the name of Brian Footen arrives at Shilshole Bay on a drab but dry May morning wearing blue cargo shorts, mud-stained hiking boots and a fossil gray Patagonia jacket with a salmon etched onto the right sleeve. A break in the wet spring weather is affording him a chance to share his quixotic expedition of paddling 1,200 miles in a kayak to digitally map Puget Sound’s nearshore, where the sea meets the land.

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Great Salt Lake in Utah hit a record low water level for second time in less than a year

Kayaker Brian Footen is using a 360 degree camera to capture a devastating sight: the diminishing size of  Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Footen, who works for a company called EarthViews that creates maps of aquatic and terrestrial environments, noticed how much conditions have worsened.

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Utah’s Great Salt Lake is running out of water

This July, the largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere reached its lowest level ever recorded, and experts say the shrinking of the Great Salt Lake could have disastrous consequences for the ecology, economy, and people of northern Utah.

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Armed with a paddle and a GoPro, entrepreneur aims to create ‘Street View’ of Puget Sound

We’ve all indulged in a little voyeuristic spying and exploration using Google Maps’ Street View, peering at homes and other landmarks. Brian Footen is creating a similar experience for shorelines — but with a greater purpose in mind. He wants to help save Puget Sound, the region’s environmental jewel. 

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Utah’s Shrinking Salt Lake Makes It One of the Driest States in the U.S.

This week, water levels in the Great Salt Lake in Utah hit an all-time low. It’s the second time in less than a year that the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi reached record-low water levels. The west is in the grip of a mega-drought, made worse by climate change. The drying lake is having a dramatic impact on its surrounding environment. Inside Edition Digital’s Stephanie Officer has the details.

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‘Embrace the salt’ — A kayaker’s quest to share up-close views of an ‘epic’ but shriveling Great Salt Lake

For Brian Footen, it will be the biggest and most challenging destination in a project to create Google Street View-style maps of drought-stricken waters and shores across the West.

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See an up-close view of Great Salt Lake’s shrinking shoreline — from Spiral Jetty to the state park marina

Kayakers capture water levels so low in early June that two bays were impossible to navigate as the lake continues to shrivel.

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One man in a kayak working to make a virtual 360-degree view of the Puget Sound shoreline

TRACYTON — The waves gently slap the cracked concrete as Brian Footen pushes his kayak from the boat launch and into the saltwater. It’s a crisp, fall morning under blue skies and the snow-capped Olympic Mountains, an ideal time for the former fisheries biologist to map the deep fjord estuary that is Puget Sound. 

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Explore Puget Sound Coastlines with EarthViews’ Mobile Mapping Technology

Oh, the places we can go without leaving our houses! Now you can traverse the entire coast of Puget Sound, from Seattle to Shelton, via EarthViews’ Nearshore Mapping Project. “Waterways deserve the same as street views,” says Brian Footen, co-founder and president of EarthViews

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The Tahoe Fund and Earthviews Release First-Ever “Street View” Style Map of Lake Tahoe’s Entire Shoreline

Today, the Tahoe Fund and EarthViews released the first-ever “Street View” style map of all 72 miles of Lake Tahoe’s shoreline. This new, interactive Lake Tahoe ShoreView Map offers a 360-degree view of the shoreline, as well as underwater views and water quality data. 

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