Our Vision

“Our vision is a world where every living being has equitable access to clean and healthy waterways.”


Conservation of waterways begins with understanding what  the problems are. We help establish an intimate understanding by setting out to document these critical environments with imagery and data collected above and below the water. 


By publishing our RiverView and ShoreView image and data maps for everyone to see we can help turn crisis management into conservation management. Using our platform to tell the stories of these places that are critical to regional and global health. 


Big data answers questions. EarthViews collects hundreds of thousands of 360 -degree panoramic images, water quality measurements and other waterway data. Important insights into how these data change over time can be gained via artificial intelligence.  From this a waterway rating system can be derived.

Our Mission

“Sound the alarm and act decisively to protect and restore waterways threatened by climate change, population pressures, and habitat and species loss.”

Learn more about our Documentation and Advocacy efforts in this story about the crisis at The Great Salt Lake by PBS NewsHour

Featured Waterway Protection Initiatives

Explore Puget Sound

Puget Sound is in trouble. Climate change impacts to water quality are creating multiple conservation challenges. Learn more.

Explore The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake is drying up. Salinity is on the rise and the birds and brine shrimp are reaching their tolerance threshold. Learn more.

Explore Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe water clarity is an important indicator of lake health however it is in jeopardy. Development and climate change impacts are increasing turbidity. Learn more.

What People Are Saying

“I can tell you, the kind of work they are taking on, it’s so important. It’s a game changer.”

— Amy Carey, Executive Director of Sound Action

“If their work can call attention to the significance of these microbialite structures and give us information about the rate of loss, that will really help our science. EarthViews Conservation Society has a platform to amplify this crisis at The Great Salt Lake.”

— Bonnie Baxter, Director at Great Salt Lake Institute

“This ShoreView map allows people to see Tahoe like never before. You can tour Emerald Bay, ‘paddle’ through the iconic rocks of Sand Harbor, or explore the hidden beaches along the East Shore with just the click of a button. Best of all, this new tool is bringing a wealth of data and information to scientists and conservation organizations working to improve the health of the Lake.” 

— Amy Berry, CEO Tahoe Fund

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