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Several years ago lifelong friends retired Navy jet fighter pilot Scott Gallagher and marine biologist Brian Footen believed our rivers and shores deserve the same kind of detailed immersive mapping that Google gives to streets like “Street View.” So they put together a team, built 360-degree cameras, developed an app and were off surveying waterways. They made image and data maps, providing them for free to scientists and stakeholders restoring these critical ecosystems.

EarthViews Conservation Society works to advance the preservation and protection of lakes, rivers and waterways by documenting these critical endangered places using imagery and data. EarthViews Conservation Society then uses these data to advocate for waterway protection by partnering with government and tribal entities, non-governmental organizations, public policy leaders, and scientists.

Meet the Team

Large boulders exposed in a lake with a mountain view in the background

Brian Footen

Executive Director, Co-founder

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A dark pink flower on a forest floor with a blurred background

Isaac Peachin

Programs Manager, Co-founder

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Lake with a mountain view in the background

Rob Crampton

Chief Scientist, Co-founder

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A bunch of white and pink flowers on growing on a tree stump on the floor of a forest

Maren Anderson

Survey Technician

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A large tree in the forefront with a forest background

Luke Noble

Survey Technician

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Meet the Board

yellow flowers growing near large rocks in a clearing in a forest

John Mickett


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Large boulders exposed in a lake with a sunrise and mountain view in the background

Eric Nassau


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Marion Hogan


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A calm deep blue lake with an evergreen forest in the background

Warren KingGeorge


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What People Are Saying

“I can tell you, the kind of work they are taking on, it’s so important. It’s a game changer.”

— Amy Carey, Executive Director of Sound Action

“If their work can call attention to the significance of these microbialite structures and give us information about the rate of loss, that will really help our science. EarthViews Conservation Society has a platform to amplify this crisis at The Great Salt Lake.”

— Bonnie Baxter, Director at Great Salt Lake Institute

“This ShoreView map allows people to see Tahoe like never before. You can tour Emerald Bay, ‘paddle’ through the iconic rocks of Sand Harbor, or explore the hidden beaches along the East Shore with just the click of a button. Best of all, this new tool is bringing a wealth of data and information to scientists and conservation organizations working to improve the health of the Lake.” 

— Amy Berry, CEO Tahoe Fund

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